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Updated: Jul 5

The Gouche Foundation Scholarship Recipient Caché Cummings
One of our initial scholars, Caché Cummings has now gone on to receive her Law Degree

Initially launching their family foundation, Nick & Natalie Gouché aimed to erase the financial stress for aspiring college students, enabling them to focus on their studies and honoring their families many sacrifices by earning a college degree. This accomplishment would not only bolster their lifetime earnings but also propel them toward financial independence.

In seven years with the support of donors and the community, their foundation has awarded 47 scholarships, exceeding $100,000+ in grants, and potentially increasing their collective lifetime earning potential by over $60 million.  

In recent years, it became evident that the future awaiting our children was not just a racial issue but a generational one, affecting the majority of our kids. They needed to reevaluate their strategy to better support those in greatest need. After thorough research and reflection, they shifted their focus with renewed determination to tackle a larger issue that deeply impacts those we love the most: Our Kids.

It was when Nick and Natalie met with their financial advisor and set up early investment savings for their children's long-term future, they realized that starting to invest while young could potentially be worth millions of dollars later in life. Inspired by this discovery, the Gouché’s decided to renew their foundation’s mission to help other parents do the same for their children while providing financial support.

Now, the Gouché Foundation has set an ambitious goal to help families set up their children to accumulate over $1 billion in personal wealth by investing early and taking advantage of what Albert Einstein called the 8th wonder of the world: compound interest. They are determined to create a future where wealth and prosperity are limitless for the next generation.

Our vision is to create a future where individual wealth and prosperity is achievable for all children!

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