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In 2016, Nick and Natalie founded The Gouché Foundation after reading several articles about the dropout rates for minority, low-income high school students in the Los Angeles Area and the stats on those same inner-city youth attending college. 


They put their heads together and immediately started thinking of ways to support these students on their journey to and through college. They brought on their longtime friend and active community member, Brian Hill as President and together began to spread the word on social media about raising money for their scholarship fund. 


In it's first year, The Gouché Foundation has given $22,000 and has recently partnered with Loyola Marymount University’s African American Alumni Associated to give $75,000 to incoming students over the next 5 years.


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Nick Gouché


Nick Gouché is the co founder of The Gouché Foundation. As a kid who grew up in the in the inner city in a single family household in Los Angeles he faced many of the very same obstacles The Gouché Foundation scholarship recipients face. Since graduating High School and attending college, he knew that he wanted to make a difference in the lives of students who came from where he came from.
Nick currently serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Production Officer at Legacy Home Loans, with a mission to build the largest black owned and operated Mortgage Company in America. His unrelenting drive to succeed and his work ethic has allowed him to help over 600+ clients build wealth for their own families while giving back to The Gouché Foundation with every single transaction.


He’s also a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., with the distinction of being one of the youngest life members in the organization. A lifestyle of service is what he lives and breathes and he will not stop until he sees the change he knows is possible for our generation. 

The Team

Natalie Gouché is the co founder of The Gouché Foundation. She grew up in San Bernardino, CA where there were little opportunities or examples of higher academia. Thankfully with the mentorship of some incredible teachers and her parent’s encouragement, she strived for a better life than what she saw on a daily basis.
She moved to Los Angeles after graduating from High School to attend California State Dominguez Hills where she met her husband, Nick. While in college, the birth of Natalie’s first daughter inspired her to seek out entrepreneurship as a way to create a life that would allow her to serve others as well as be there for her growing family.

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Natalie Gouché


Today, Natalie is the owner of L.A. Social Media Trainer Inc., a company that helps other entrepreneurs, startups, and corporations increase their business by leveraging the power of the internet. As a speaker, she regularly gives energetic and informative talks centered around social media, marketing, and entrepreneurship to various colleges and universities on behalf of The Gouché Foundation.

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Brian Hill


Brian Hill is the President at The Gouché Foundation. Brian provides strategic planning oversight, organization management, and implementation of all TGF program functions to include, the Scholarships, Mentoring, and Entrepreneurship pillars.
Under his leadership, the Foundation looks forward to its continued growth, greatly expanding its funding base and fulfilling its commitment to ensuring that today’s inner city youth have the fundamental resources needed to lead successful, healthy and productive lives, and build a stronger society.

Prior to joining The Gouché Foundation, Brian worked with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to provide marketing and resource development for the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in South Los Angeles. Today, he serves as the Regional Public Relations Manager for largest construction companies in the United States.

Brian is also a dedicated father of 5 and a husband.

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