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Trade Schools vs. College

Below are your trade school notes from

✅ Trade schools provide career-focused training for in-demand fields, which can be a practical choice for some careers.

✅ When comparing trade school vs. college, most prospective students will notice the difference in completion times first. While traditional college degrees typically take four years, trade school programs often take less than two years to complete.

✅ Trade school programs offer condensed programs which means entering the job market sooner, which means they start earning money and building experience faster as well. Shorter programs also mean less time commitment, which makes enrolling to pursue an education less daunting.

✅ Shorter trade school programs often mean less paid in tuition. With less time spent in school, most students ultimately pay lower school-related costs. That also means fewer travel expenses, fewer course materials, and even a shorter period of time out of the job market, making no money.

✅ Lastly, while the average salaries for degree-based careers typically exceed those for trade-based careers, entrepreneurship can make a world of difference in these trades. Less debt means more opportunity to invest in working for yourself and building a business!



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