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May, June, July... OH MY! $18,000 in scholarships, Partnerships + More

Hello, August! Whew, a lot has been happening at The Gouché Foundation over the past few months:

· May we hosted an awards ceremony where we gave $8,000 in scholarships to 6 students. Shout out to Cynosure & BA6E for your partnership and a valuable career panel.

· June we partnered it another organization, SoLaIcan who awarded one of our scholars $10,000. OMG!

· And here we are in August just wrapping up my birthday fundraiser.

Enjoy the recap of our May scholarship event below!

Here are few things to note…

If you or someone you know applied and didn’t get our scholarship for May, please stay encouraged. We are working hard here to secure more funding and partnerships so we can do more and give more. Plus, we save all of our applicants and reference them for future opportunities.

Matter of fact you can help TGF in these 2 ways:

1. Introduce us to a corporate partner (a company or organization) who wants to do philanthropic work in our community and understands the value of pouring into inner city youth and providing minority students with opportunities. So… who do you know? Email us:

2. Shop on Amazon - like we already know you do! You can use The Gouché Foundation as your charity. Instructions are here.

As always, THANK YOU for your support in whatever form it comes in - Donating, sharing on social or spreading the word in person. Our scholars are so very appreciate.

Stay safe! I’ll be back with more updates soon. In the meantime, make sure to follow our Instagram. We will be highlighting our May scholarship recipients.


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